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About Asbestos

  Shadowline asbestos to side of garage.
  Asbestos cement roof.

Asbestos is a mineral which occurs naturally in rock. Between 1942–1984 asbestos was mined in Australia in huge quantities. Added to cement and water, it was pressed into over 3000 different products. Many feature in the homes and garages of Perth residences.

Thunderstruck Asbestos Removal Company Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company owned by Gordon Barr. Gordon has 20 years experience in this field and has undertaken thousands of successful contracts.

All unsealed asbestos deteriorates. This results in the release of fibres.

Inhalation of small amounts of asbestos cement dust can cause serious health problems.

Thunderstruck own a vacuum certified by Worksafe and the W.A. Health Department as being suitable for use in asbestos cement removal. All staff wear protective clothing and respirators as is required by law.

Shadowline asbestos. Used for sides of garages.

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Restricted WARA 688

Independent Dust Analysis for Industry and Commerce

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