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Choosing the option of hiring an asbestos removal company and not doing it yourself, is the wisest and safest decision when it comes to removing asbestos from any residential, commercial or public building.

At thunder stuck asbestos removal company we offer proper test for the toxic minerals, follow needed and strict regulations and processes and utilize the right regulations and methods to remove them and keep the place and people there safe.

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We offer dedicated services to our customers and provide peace of mind. Following are some of the services we offer for the asbestos removal.

Your home is always the most essential place in one’s life and requires to be made safe from asbestos. We have dedicated employees who help you in bringing back your home’s safety standards and making it safer for you and your family.


5 Ways in Which Solar Panels Benefit Our Environment

An expanding number of families are deciding to introduce sunlight based boards on their home to help diminish their energy costs. By utilizing the force that you’ve created on your own rooftop, you can spare hundreds every year and become less dependent on the force network. 

 Installing solar panels is not an unusual phenomenon anymore. You can easily find solar deals brisbane. Generally, sun based force is additionally an incredible feasible, efficient power energy decision. Sun oriented energy doesn’t just assistance decrease your power charges; it likewise has immense advantages for our planet. 

Utilizing less water 

Water is one of our most valuable regular assets. We live on the driest landmass on earth, and we force the danger of hurrying to leave new water later on. Conventional power creation can utilize a large number of liters of water every year. Water is utilized for cooling generators, preparing and refining fuel and shipping fuel through lines. Creating power through sunlight based boards, notwithstanding, utilizes no water at all. The activity of sun powered photovoltaic cells doesn’t need water at all to create power, lessening the strain on this valuable asset. The main water required is water to normally clean the boards when they get somewhat grimy! 

Lessening air contamination 

Creating power from sun based boards produce no unsafe outflows, and the more homes and organizations that depend on sunlight based force implies less harmful emanations from petroleum derivatives into our air. 

Help to slow environmental change 

Creating power from sun oriented boards produce no ozone depleting substances at all, thus can assist with diminishing the impact of environmental change whenever utilized generally. With sunlight based energy controlling a home or business, there is no consuming of fuel and no discharges from energy creation. 

 Diminishing your family unit’s carbon impression 

Sun powered energy is one of the cleanest wellsprings of energy, and it’s a very viable method of making your family unit more effective and feasible. Sun powered boards don’t utilize any water to produce power, they don’t deliver destructive gases into the climate, and the wellspring of their energy is plentiful and the best part is that they are free. Utilizing sunlight based energy rather than the framework additionally implies you lessen the requirement for carbon dioxide discharging energy to be delivered for the network for your benefit – for energy clients on terrain Australia, you could counterbalance anyplace between a half to one ton of carbon dioxide for each megawatt-hour of sun oriented energy you use. With even a little framework introduced on your home, you can help diminish your family unit’s carbon impression and contribute actually to the Australian Renewable Energy Target. 

Diminishing our dependence on petroleum derivatives 

Sun based energy supplies are gigantic; on the off chance that we could outfit the entirety of the daylight beaming on the earth for only 60 minutes, we could utilize that energy to control the whole world for an entire year. The daylight utilized in sunlight based energy creation is free, and there’s bunches of it. Then again, non-renewable energy sources are running out, and quick. Decreasing our dependence on these limited assets and exploiting a plentiful, free wellspring of energy, for example, daylight, could mean lower energy costs, diminished ozone harming substance emanations and a more grounded, more steady energy future.

Everything You Still Didn’t Know About Legislation and How to Dispose of Asbestos

How to dispose of asbestos following the Law n.257 of 12 March 1992, in this new post by EdiliziAcrobatica ® we want to respond to this important need both for health and in order not to incur administrative penalties.

Thanks to the distant law of ’92, Italy has become the leading country for the complete remediation of asbestos (or also known as eternit) throughout Europe. But despite being banned more than 20 years ago, asbestos is still found in many buildings today.

This is because the presence of asbestos in buildings is linked to its function of fire protection , thermal / acoustic insulation and more generally as a support for buildings . So we deduce that these benefits have led to a massive use of asbestos in the past decades , determining today a wide diffusion throughout the national territory.

The Italian legislation does not categorically oblige private individuals, who own buildings with asbestos, to proceed with the reclamation of the building . This is because asbestos by itself does not represent a danger to the health of the individual. The health risks, in fact, are linked to the crumbling of asbestos, which dispersing its particles can be inhaled. This dispersion of asbestos fibers are the real cause of disease and serious damage to health for the inhabitants of buildings.

Procedures and Techniques for Asbestos Removal

In Italy since 1992 with the law n. 257 the marketing and production of all products containing asbestos, such as eternity, is prohibited. Unfortunately, the Legambiente 2018 research “Free from asbestos” , showed that after 26 years in Italy only 2% of buildings have been remediated asbestos .

The research highlights how slow asbestos remediation procedures in Italy are. Out of 370 thousand public and private buildings, to date, only 6,869 have been reclaimed. In our buildings there are still 58 million square meters of asbestos roofing.

For this reason it is important to deepen the subject from all points of view, not just regulatory. Knowing what to do in the presence of asbestos and how to proceed is a matter of safety for you and your family.

The legislation is very rigorous and clearly defines what the remediation obligations are, which companies can perform the work, how to assess the risk and in particular what are the procedures for asbestos remediation

As a first topic, we address the issue of costs for asbestos remediation which when compared with the health risk are minimal. Never evaluate a quote for an asbestos remediation only with respect to the price, check the companies, check their certifications and choose the best one.

Asbestos encapsulation and asbestos sheets
Compared to removal, encapsulation is certainly a cheaper remediation activity. The asbestos encapsulation procedure involves treating the material and the sheets with products that coat the material. In this case the artifact is not removed, but protected and made safe.

The intervention must be done in compliance with the Ministerial Decree 20/08/1999. The asbestos remediation procedure through encapsulation secures the material (eg asbestos) making sure that the asbestos fibers are fixed to the material and their dispersion is not possible.

In order to guarantee that the intervention is carried out correctly, a certificate of conformity of the works must be issued. Furthermore, a maintenance and control program must be provided to verify the validity of the intervention over time.

Asbestos in a place of business or any other building is not only dangerous to health and work but will be also be the reason of violating the laws. Our employees provides detailed services to get your business back up to code and ensure complete safety for customers and employees.


Asbestos can be extremely hazardous which is utilized as fire-resistant material in buildings and homes as well as for insulation. The employees work to remove asbestos present anywhere in detailed to provide safety in all aspects.

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