Everything You Still Didn’t Know About Legislation and How to Dispose of Asbestos

How to dispose of asbestos following the Law n.257 of 12 March 1992, in this new post by EdiliziAcrobatica ® we want to respond to this important need both for health and in order not to incur administrative penalties.

Thanks to the distant law of ’92, Italy has become the leading country for the complete remediation of asbestos (or also known as eternit) throughout Europe. But despite being banned more than 20 years ago, asbestos is still found in many buildings today.

This is because the presence of asbestos in buildings is linked to its function of fire protection , thermal / acoustic insulation and more generally as a support for buildings . So we deduce that these benefits have led to a massive use of asbestos in the past decades , determining today a wide diffusion throughout the national territory.

The Italian legislation does not categorically oblige private individuals, who own buildings with asbestos, to proceed with the reclamation of the building . This is because asbestos by itself does not represent a danger to the health of the individual. The health risks, in fact, are linked to the crumbling of asbestos, which dispersing its particles can be inhaled. This dispersion of asbestos fibers are the real cause of disease and serious damage to health for the inhabitants of buildings.

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